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Welcome. I’m Roberto Scozzari, a Canadian graphic designer and visual artist. I create modern and contemporary artwork that is influenced by abstract expressionism, but, sometimes it crosses into pop-art. Sometimes, I think it’s both. I don’t know why it just happens that way.

My mediums are sometimes digital, sometimes acrylics. But, sometimes I use oils, sometimes I create mixed media and sometimes I take photos. And… get this… sometimes… all of the above. Yes, it gets confusing, I know. Lately, I've been experimenting with Cyanotype. That's a method of photography that's been around longer than anyone on earth at this time. It's the oldest form of capturing light on paper that there is. I’ve been creating visual art since I was a kid. I used to draw these badass pictures of racing cars jumping cliffs and falling to fiery explosions! So cool (I may have had problems that went unaddressed). My influences range from Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Saul Bass to 1970’s punk-rock gig posters, minimalism, mid-century modern, constructivism and Bauhaus (The art school, not the band. But the band is pretty cool too).

I kicked ass in high school art, at least I thought so (shout out Ms. Camposilvan, best art teacher ever). I knew that I’d be pursuing something “art” related when I graduated. Was I right? You bet. I studied foundation arts at Dundas Valley School of Art, followed by a 3-year Graphic Design program at the School of Design at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. So, after serving clients for about 20 years following college, I came to the realization that I NEEDED to make art again. I NEEDED to make something for me, not my clients. I missed it.

I really really missed it. I needed to make art or else. My philosophy for creating art is to create something that I would love to have, buy, or be inspired by myself. I don’t stick to only one method or style because there is just so damn much to explore. Really, why would I only stick to one type of art, method or style when there is so much fun to be had? That, however, does not mean that you won’t find common threads joining my artwork. Sometimes there are shapes, sometimes there are words or styles or colours. I do like to use bold colours with graphic shapes and lines to create compositions that seem unbalanced, or asymmetrical (unless I don’t). Sometimes, my 25+ years as a graphic designer shows right through.

Can you see it in my work? If I could accomplish one thing with my art, it would be to show that art could say so much without saying too much. That beautiful art can be abstracted and still fill the viewer with emotion. Ok, that’s two things, if I could say two things, that’s what they would be. And lastly, that you can rediscover your passion in your 40’s and have fun. Three things.

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